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        Xing Ying Tong is a leading company in automotive accessories industry produce driving safety product. The company built up high-quality professional team with high-level safety technical proficiency in the industry. It introduce great variety of automotive safety products, intelligence safety car, 360°panoramic for safety driving, high-definition rear view camera , Blind sport safety assistance, ADAS safety recorder, etc in order to protect the car user on a safety ride. A great number of car safety accessories had been awarded the national patent.

        In addition, through company product innovations assist with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology to create 4G smart cars real-time safe positioning via mobile phone connection, playback of car historical driving record, video recorder playback are save in cloud backup, speed detector violation alerts system for example had promote safe driving into a new height.

        In 2017, Xing Ying Tong developed a care skycam system for local 4S retailer shop in order to protect the safety of the car user. Besides of meeting the expectation of the product safety in terms of hardware aspect, it also protect the vehicle owner for a save driving, reminder on vehicle fault code, vehicle maintenance reminder and insurance date expired reminder, etc. Through the connection of big data cloud backup system automatically remind the vehicle owner and linked interaction with 4S retail shop more closely. This had successfully ruled out the trust of users by traditional excessive phone calls makes to the owners.

        Xing Ying Tong is expertise in both making product solutions for car safety driving and innovative in research and development. We leading in the car navigation industry by introducing 4CM ultra thin gold fuselage design which meets the fashion trend of local demand. All production not only had passed the CQC China Quality Certification Series, but also acquire the CE, FCC, ROHS certification which well known among EU.

        Our factory also adopts the latest semiautomatic production line in the industry. The automatic SMT machine, high and low temperature, vibration, power interference, anti static experimental equipment, dust-free and static-free air-conditioning workshop have come out with highest production yield in the industry. We are qualified under the ISO9001 China Quality Management System Certification.

        In terms of car safety products development, we have cooperated with many chip companies such as QUALCOMM, RK, NXP, ST, ADI and other chip companies provider. In 2017, our company had awarded the titles of national level Hi-tech, Shenzhen Hi-tech Enterprise Certification.

        Car navigation and accessories under Xing Ying Tong occupy a significant share of the Chinese domestic market. Nowadays, the Company has a network established in multiple provincial and municipal marketing agencies and outlet stores. It has also cooperated with a number of retail terminals such as the 4S retail group and the automotive suppliers chain on car modification shop.

        Our company mission is to make driving simple and safe in relation with enterprise further development direction. We come into the era of unequal products quality coming up from different factory. We will keep up in developing more safe driving solutions for automotive products in this car industry to stay forefront among the industry. We will keep pace in running forefront of the industry and aim to provide all car users around the world with safe.